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Family Dollar Stores, Inc. Reviews

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  • Horrible customer service

    I had a problem using my Smart Coupons at Family Dollar.I sent the email on the website for customer care. I received a generic reply with a phone number to call. For two days I called and held for over 20 minutes before I got totally frustrated. Today I had the time to waste waiting for a representative. After 22 minutes I talked to Ivan (wouldn't give me his last name) and he was extremely rude to me and wouldn't listen at all or try to understand my problem. I asked to speak to a manager and he said there wasn't one. I said someone must supervise your department and he... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    sgaus's Picture   sgaus    0 Comments   Comments
  • treated like a thief

    I went in the family dollar store at 1169 edgebrook dr. Houston, tx 77034 and when i walked in the alarm went off when i walked through it, like it always does with me everytime,"all the workers saw it", so i thought nothing of it and went and bought a couple things then used their bathroom and walked back out ,alarm goes off again, walked right outside and one of the workers goes up to me and SEARCHES MY PURSE! In frount of everyone!he couldve at least taken me to the back and not done it in frount of everyone!i was very embarrassed and i will never go there again! The guy saw... More...
    cbagwell's Picture   cbagwell    0 Comments   Comments
  • complaint/feedback

    My name is Desmond L. Anderson. This morning,on 06-19-2014, i went into the family store. I walked around the different departments just checking out various items such as home and personal care products. I live three blocks from the store on 4824N.Sheridan;so i shop there often. On this particular morning, i purchased some playing cards,facial tissue, and antibacterial soap. When i went to checkout, the cashier asked me,"you were in the store this long and this is all you bought?" HOW DARE AN EMPLOYEE TREAT ME LIKE THAT! THAT WAS VERY UNPROFFESSIONAL! NEEDLESS TO SAY, I... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    dezshop123's Picture   dezshop123    0 Comments   Comments
  • rude manger

    I been to the store on Cleveland Avenue and each time I went in there the manger Ted is so unfriendly to me. He is Africa America and I am white, he always rolls his eyes at me, or he ignores me when I ask him where is a product in that store. A few times I saw him verbaly abuse the white staff saying he going to fire them so he can have an all African-American staff. Thats just wrong, everyone else who works there is nice and Ted makes the customers walk out the door because he is so rude. That store needs a better manger who can treat the customers right and the staff. That store is so... More...
    hugbright92's Picture   hugbright92    0 Comments   Comments
  • family dollar in trinity tx

    the cashier or asst. manager lori, is the little blonde brown older women.....she has no manners....she talks to kids like they are crazy then when the parent steps in and says something she got to get even more attitude....she got one more time when it comes to my kids....I like the manager sherri she tries to keep her customers satisfied....but lori is there just for a pay check...she always has something ugly to say bout someone....I think that this is what loses business.....I can deal with a lot....I work with the elderly but what I cant deal with is someone that always has an attitude... More...
  • Sale item

    This is to whoever will listen, Family Dollar Store in Rotan, Texas has a cashier by the name Cheryl, This past Sunday my daughter came in from out of town and decided to pick up some things at this store. Well there was an item that a sign was posted over it and said 50% off she said the sale had been over a few days but the sign was still up there, another customer said that family dollar should honor it. So she the cashier proceeded to dial the manager's number and supposedly got no answer and she said she couldn't give her the sale price that it was a store policy that she... More...
    sweetwater14's Picture   sweetwater14    0 Comments   Comments
  • FD Don't Care About Employees At ALL!!!

    I worked briefly (4months) at the Family Dollar in Bradford PA, and really liked the job except for one thing, the second assistant manager. Why we even needed 3 managers for a store that employ's 4 people (3 now) is beyond me. She is a tyrant. She was especially ignorant to me, and I finally lost it, and had to leave the store and my position. She wanted to be respected however, didn't want to show anyone the slightest respect. I'm not asking for a buddy nor a best friend, just a respectful working environment. She was belittling to employees and customers alike, rude, and... More...
    Bcorb226's Picture   Bcorb226    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service in Shallowater, Texas

    The staff have no customer service. Just came out of this business. A blonde and brunette with no name tags were too busy looking at sonogram pictures to help me find what I needed. They did not offer to help. The brunette was talking how she had worked at a store on Slide in Lubbock and not gotten any help and told her boss that she would not go back. I have had it with this store. I have had a problem in the past with complaints voiced to district manager and corporate office without response. I have shopped at Family Dollar in Lubbock and found staff very nice and helpful.... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    lkcrisp's Picture   lkcrisp    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Assistant Manager!

    I shop at your Family Dollar store in Stafford Springs, Ct 06076 and I gotta say. Very dissapointed. I'm a regular customer, and I see alot that goes in there, and lately, I feel that one of your employee's is out-of-control. Everytime I go shopping, she's either outside smoking a cigarette, for 20 minutes at least, or talking on her cell phone outside. I noticed that anytime any of the cashiers need help, or ask her a question, she yells at them, calling them stupid and saying "s**t" and "f**k" a whole bunch of times. I have approached the store manager... More...
    firehorse14's Picture   firehorse14    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Store to Shop In

    Family Dollar on Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19135. Poor management, cashiers with long, curling six inch fingernails..ugh. Boxes stacked in the aisles while staff wander about the store. Nasty, incompetent manager who is alienating the customers by her snotty attitude, she can often be found in the back stiore room eating potato chips or not answering customers questions. Need to have a shake up there. Most people I have spoken to shop at Dollar Tree and only go into Family Dollar when they have to. More...
    TaraPA's Picture   TaraPA    0 Comments   Comments
  • Do They Care About Customers

    Family Dollar in Buena Vista, CO Every time I have been to this location there is no one at the register. I usually go in to pick up one or two items and want to run in and out quickly. However at this location the people working are always in some other area of the store where they can't see the register. It takes twice as long as it should because you either have to wait for someone to see you or go find someone to come ring you up. I understand that there are other things to do in the store but at least one person should be within eye-shot of the register after all nothing else... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    EllieColorado's Picture   EllieColorado    1 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Management!

    I work at Family Dollar in Philadelphia and it is by FAR the WORST job I have ever had!I'm grateful for being able to find some type of work in this economy but it is not worth the headache.Management runs such a tight ship with payroll,with the amount allowed there is only enough payroll to have two people working at a time no matter how much is to be done.You cannot take a break because with only two people there are always customers.You're basically checking out customers and then attempting to open boxes,stock,stack and recover inventory in 3 minute intervals since that's... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    melyssa's Picture   melyssa    2 Comments   Comments
  • Unfair

    I currently work at a Family Dollar store and let me tell you. I hate it. I'm assistant manager and I close 5 nights a week, my manager closes their mandatory 2 nights a week and the other assistant manager refuses to close. She refuses to work nights, she refuses to stock, she refuses to unload the truck, she's always yelling at customers which to me is extremly rude and inconsiderate. She goes and takes 10 minutes (literally) to smoke a cigarette about every 30 minutes, all she does is ring and then screams at the store manager when the store manager gives her anything less than... More...
    firehorse14's Picture   firehorse14    0 Comments   Comments

    I've experienced nothing but discrimination from Family Dollar in Landover, MD. They have the message that plays when the store gets too crowded, about the location being monitered and law enforcement on standby. I also had an incident at this location where I was arrested, and the police had to find someone to come and pick up my two kids. So that incident occured and I still chose to shop at Family Dollar. I have to constantly tell my kids to not put their hands in their pocket or anything, because I don't want it to 'look' like we're stealing. But then to have to... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    TJ301's Picture   TJ301    1 Comments   Comments
  • family dollar store

    Cashiers are always talking out loud on how bad the payroll is, how bad their manager treats them, and always talk bad about other employees who are not there at that shift are. Its discouraging to hear all of this, while you are shopping. Seems all the cashiers working there are very bitter. I never see a manager there during the evening hours. Also they never pay attention when they bag your stuff. I have lost my merchandise a couple of times. I end up at home missing some groceries. When I go and complain, they always say, their is no manger to handle the situation. I've filled out... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    lettiedelgado's Picture   lettiedelgado    0 Comments   Comments
  • detained and searched

    Today 10-25-11 I patroned a Family Dollar Store on Ga hwy 85, store number 8468. After completing my purchase I exited the store and one of the employees came out behind me in a hurry (I thought I had forgotten something). The young lady said to me that the door beeped when I exited and it should not have and asked me to return to the store. The clerk reached for my bag and I gave it to her. The receipt was in the bag for my purchase. As I entered the store the door beeped again and she said you heard it beep right? I replied that yes I did hear it. Then she said come this way please and... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    r657333j's Picture   r657333j    4 Comments   Comments
  • Not good company

    Family Dollar is NOT a family company!!My husband works 6 days a week which leaves very little time for famiy!! Plus if needs to take time off for a specific reason sometimes it is quite difficult and he is always made to feel guilty. How do they expect people to have a life and take care of their family. They don't even pay enough to their 6 day a week managers so that their wives can stay home to take care of the household. I pray to God everyday to bring my husband a new job! More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    missmyhusband's Picture   missmyhusband    2 Comments   Comments
  • Not impressed

    By far the worst place I have ever worked...(I am currently trying to find a better place to work.) Our air conditioning and heating for the building have not worked properly the entire time I have been employed there, which is going on four years. During the winter it's freezing and during the summer it's hot.(Our dress code doesn't make allowances for this kind of stuff, but thank god for our store manager, who said until they fix it she gives us permission to ignore it within reason.) In addition to this our stores don't have adequate pay-roll budget to keep at... More...
    RyuHi13's Picture   RyuHi13    2 Comments   Comments
  • there is a problem with your buggies!

    First of all I am glad to be able to share a concern with a store in my community that I use on a consistent basis. Today I purchase one of the larger containers of liquid detergent along with other various items. I was informed afterwards that the buggies had to stay in the store. It upset me because of the volume that I had purchase and the challenge of getting them all to my car without any assistance. Why would your company use that type of buggy when people often make large purchases that can be real challenging to carry? I think I probably will not make that same mistake again and... More...
    trinityone1's Picture   trinityone1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Store Going Down Hill

    The Family Dollar Store in New Albany, MS us to be one of the nicest in this area. I do not know what has happened but as of date (April 5, 2011) it has turn pure gutter butt.. It is utter disgust. It's always nasty, the products are open and tampered with and the employees are very unprofessional. It was once the best stop outside of Walmart. By the way it looks inside infant be surprise if it's bars on the windows and condemned cause poor management by June of 2011. Please restore this location back to it's original appearance and gracefulness and level of class.. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    mrsnelnel's Picture   mrsnelnel    0 Comments   Comments

    SNIPPY's Picture   SNIPPY    2 Comments   Comments
  • its not about the family

    They say "its all about the family" now thats hard to belive when the company does'nt give the stores enough payroll to keep it fully staffed.The kids arent even able to see thier parent because they leave before they are up and are asleep by the time they are home. 1 to 2 days a week they might get a chance and its not fair to the children and the little time now to thier extended hours they see them even less this shows how greedy the company realy is.Im dissapointed they are this way. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    fredyahoo's Picture   fredyahoo    1 Comments   Comments


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