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Family Dollar Stores, Inc. Complaint - FD Don't Care About Employees At ALL!!!
Family Dollar Stores, Inc. Complaint

Family Dollar Stores, Inc. Complaint


FD Don't Care About Employees At ALL!!!

I worked briefly (4months) at the Family Dollar in Bradford PA, and really liked the job except for one thing, the second assistant manager. Why we even needed 3 managers for a store that employ's 4 people (3 now) is beyond me. She is a tyrant. She was especially ignorant to me, and I finally lost it, and had to leave the store and my position. She wanted to be respected however, didn't want to show anyone the slightest respect. I'm not asking for a buddy nor a best friend, just a respectful working environment. She was belittling to employees and customers alike, rude, and thought that her position was beyond that of the store managers. She would do cash pick-ups without me being present, and run on my drawer, when she even had a till right next to mine. I receved two write up for being short, once $20, and the other $43 but, she didn't get the write up, and she was using my drawer, and did the pick-ups without my knowledge or being present to count the funds being picked up until she would tell me later on, when it was obviously too late. It was against store policy yet, the manager didn't seeem to care. Then, a deposit was $50 short, with no explanation and the Assistant Manager's drawer was short $10, and there is/was always one constant in the scenario, the second assistant manager. I am not a thief, and if I were, I am not going down for $63. Finally, when I got to work that dreadful Monday morning, as soon as I walked through the door, she started barking orders at me, and I didn't even punch in yet. I tried to brush it off, but it just went on, and I finally couldn't take it no more. I lost it, which is totally not my character. All I said was, if your going to be such a bitch dictator today, perhaps you will want to work the whole day. I walked up and punched out, and she started screaming at me, in my face with her bad breath, and fur covered teeth. I told her that I quit and am leaving, and she started at me, and I quietly told her to F***K herself, which I admit and know is wrong. She was screaming and dropping the F bomb several times, with customers in the store, but I am the one who was doing the disrespecting. When a person starts swearing at me, I lose it, especially with name calling. I started tossing words back at her, and was very nasty. I figured I quit, and I can finally tell her what I felt and thought. None of this would have happened had the store manager been a MANAGER, stepped up to the plate, and told her weeks prior to cool it with attitude and tone, when I spoke to him and the assistant manager about the problems I was having with her. When we were finishing up our work on evenings that I worked with her, I would go to punch out, but she had already punched me out via the store computer and portal. Then, she would make me stay in the store, sometimes as long as 45 minutes, until she finished with her paperwork and cig counts. I finally talked to the manager about that too, and he eventually put a stop to it, after it had happened several times a week for the first four weeks I was there. Three days prior to this happening, he even stated to me that he knew it was her that had something to do with the missing cash. He also expressed concerns about paperwork that wasn't completed correctly on the evenings that she would close. We are all capable of making mistakes (myself included...I am not perfect!!!), but the one element that was always present when the shorts happened was her. I like the job, and the hours were perfect while I am finishing my degree, and never had any issues with the other two managers, we worked great together. She was always belittling, obnoxious, rude, and disparaging, and daily we would receive comments from customers about her attitude and unwillingness to help a customer. She is 27 years old, and has a title that went straight to her head. She demanded respect, yet she doesn't realize that with most people, it is a two-way street. To this day, I see customers in other stores, and they ask why me and not her too? She should have been fired for not following policy and procedures, screaming the F-Bomb at me, repeatedly (again, I did too, but I wasn't yelling at the top of my voice), and if I didn't quit, would definitely have been fired. Yet, she is still employed there, probably not even reprimanded. Habitually late for work, always on her cell phone through the store, which is strictly prohibited, and to some, a customer's worst nightmare. I really hope that the store shortages continue, and maybe finally, they will realize the problems within that particluar store lie with that one employee! I was wrong for how I handled the situation however, as a professional "assistant-assistant manager", she handled the situation wrong too! I spent at the very least, $20plus dollars a day, on dog treats and foods, sundries, and cleaning supplies. I will never shop a Family Dollar again, anywhere!

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